Topics for PowerPoint 2013 training sessions are listed here with the files and other resources.

New to PowerPoint

  1. Content tips
  2. The Normal View for editing
  3. Add text, change appearance
  4. Move, re-size, recolor text placeholders
  5. Change the slide layout
  6. Insert pictures & clip art
  7. Cropping tool
  8. Add shapes
  9. Add design template
  10. Hide Background graphic
  11. Run slide show
  12. Design tips
  13. Tips for your students
File used for training session

Advanced PowerPoint for Instruction

  1. The Slide Sorter View
  2. Bullets- change them
  3. Format Painter
  4. Animate text
  5. Add Slide Transitions
  6. Insert a YouTube video
  7. Add website links
  8. Layers
  9. Grouping
  10. Convert bulleted text to SmartArt
  11. Modify SmartArt Graphic
File used for training session