~WELCOME~Are you an HCC faculty member, adjunct, or student looking for training, equipment, faculty workshops or just exploring? This is the site for you!

August 2016 Faculty Professional Development Calendar

Upcoming Faculty Professional Development Events

We provide faculty with resources to enhance teaching and learning.
Our services include:
  • Instructional design and curriculum support of faculty to enhance the art of teaching.
  • Consult/collaborate with faculty in the development of technology-based class materials.
  • Training faculty in the use of technology resources at HCC.
  • Faculty lab space to explore new and emerging technologies (CL232).
  • Classroom support for trying new technologies and pedagogical approaches.


Still stumped and not sure what your instructional need is or what tool would best support you and your students? Email imfacultylab@howardcc.edu

This wiki is an evolving, work-in-progress. It hosts links to faculty resources to support instruction at Howard Community College. Please feel free to explore, suggest content or become a member and add your own favorite resources.