Escape This Workshop Info and Hints

This page supports the January 18th workshop led at HCC by Amy Chase Martin and J. Cliff Galloway.


To view these hints, double-click or highlight the space in the empty boxes to the right of the challenge to reveal the hidden text.

Digital Escape
Click to start the game -
Hint- Where Clue Appeared
Escape Code 1- Propane Code
"Formula" link and "periodically" link
Escape Code 1- Proton Drip Code
"Drip drop" link
Escape Code 2- Missing Mass Code
"Splitting" link
Escape Code 2 - QM Tunneling Code
"Tunnel" link
Locked Box #1
At the end of the digital escape room
Physical Escape
Hint - Where Clue Appeared
Group A1 - Cipher Code
Y=P, D=U,I=Z,I=Z,U=L,N=E
Non-sensical letters on sheet of paper in group envelope
Group A2 - Cipher Code
Non-sensical letters on sheet of paper in group envelope
Group A3 - Cipher Code
Non-sensical letters on sheet of paper in group envelope
Group A4 - Cipher Code
Non-sensical letters on sheet of paper in group envelope
Locked Box #2 Code
Solve four math problems and organize the numbers
with the clue in the box
Final Box Code
Found when you assemble your puzzle and shine
blacklight flashlight
Door Code

in box of handouts and treats

Development of THIS Escape Room Session
Goals: Involve educators in a student-centered, active lesson about the use of digital and physical puzzles to
introduce content, encourage careful reading, team building and creative thinking.
Introduce the use of various technologies to use in classroom and online environments

Time/Puzzles: Planned 4 digital puzzles and 5 physical puzzles for a 50 minute period.
Participants: 6-24 participants in groups of 1-4
Cost: $20 - reusable materials

Technologies used in this Digital Escape Room:
Embedded Video
Google Sites - how to build a site, how to add content to a site
Google Forms - how to create a form, how to edit and create sections , how to require a specific response

Resources used in this Physical Escape Room:
Cipher Wheel - photocopied sample and laminated
Blank puzzle - purchased online
Invisible ink - purchased online
Number lock - purchased online
Word lock - purchased online
Blacklight flashlight - purchased online
Locked box - created by taking a cardboard box and fashioning a hasp out of duct tape

Further Reading and Resources

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